Vuepoint Creative

My previous employer, Vuepoint Creative, needed an updated website to better showcase their growing portfolio. In addition to incorporating an effective SEO strategy, the site needed to showcase client work in a way to demonstrate the work quality and versatile skills of the team. Finally, it needed to be entirely manageable by team members who were unfamiliar with code. I overhauled their existing website, cleaning code, adding interactive elements, and improving features. Since the site overhaul, Vuepoint Creative accelerated to #1 search engine rankings for competitive San Antonio search phrases.

Not Yet Launched Site

This hardware store maintains storefronts coast to coast, and was looking to simplify their eCommerce platform into a unified skin. I helped build the frontend of this fully responsive eCommerce site, wiring into the DNN CMS and the Clarity eCommerce Framework.

Not Yet Launched Site

This client required the development of a main site and two child sites. These sub sites mirrored several elements from the main site – primarily the header. All three sites contained large volumes of content and numerous unique content areas. We built a custom skin for each site, using SASS to pull from an additional CSS codebase. Using a shared codebase reduced initial development time as well as simplified ongoing maintenance. Organizing the multisite shared codebase proved to be a fun and unique challenge.

Not Yet Launched Site

This particular company offers industrial products in a primarily business-to-business capacity. It will be a fully responsive custom eCommerce site. I wrote the majority of the frontend and wired up a significant portion of the DNN CMS and Clarity eCommerce Framework.

PA Matches

PA Matches was an old “just for fun” side project. During it’s hay day, it was the most visited fan website for a Real Time Strategy video game. I designed, developed, marketed, and wrote the content for the entire website. It received over 1,000,000 pageviews within the first year of launch and reached its second million pageviews within the following 2 months. It continued to rank very highly in the search engines, often beating out the official website, had an average pageviews per visit between 8 and 10, and a bounce rate of less than 10%.


Seanwes is a website dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow online businesses. I consulted on the design and SEO and developed a majority of a previous iteration of the website. I built an extensive custom responsive WordPress website, which included a custom WooCommerce store, membership restricted sections, a blog, a forum, and online classes which progressed chapter by chapter. When following my outlined SEO strategies, ranked #1 in the search engines for a wide variety of competitive keywords, including “learn lettering,” “learn hand lettering,” and “hand lettering.”

Whiteboard Framework

Whiteboard Framework is an open source framework for developing WordPress themes, and has been used on hundreds of thousands of websites. I developed the entire framework from ground up. It ranked #1 on Google for “WordPress Framework” during the active days of its development.

Clarity eCommerce & DNN Templates

Clarity Ventures primarily works with DotNetNuke, built on ASP.NET, and their custom Clarity eCommerce Framework. I was given the task of maintaining and refining the internal DNN template and had significant involvement in improving and maintaining the Clarity eCommerce Framework templates.

VIA Smart Move

San Antonio’s VIA Metropolitan Transit is working to expand their routes, and needed a website to garner public support. I built a fully responsive custom WordPress theme. It uses the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and custom post types to ensure a completely end user manageable website, with little to no technical knowledge required.