About Brian Purkiss

Brian is a certified firearms instructor and competitive shooter. Brian is a USPSA Carry Optics Grandmaster, but also enjoys run and guns, 3 gun, and just about any other shooting sport that looks fun or challenging, although finding the time can be difficult. Brian is one of the founders for the US Run and Gun Association, an organization dedicated to organizing run and gun matches and growing the run and gun format in the US.

Firearms instructor

Brian has been shooting and competing for many years and is taking that experience and giving it back into the firearms community. He has put in a lot of dedicated effort into honing his shooting proficiency, learning from many different instructors such as Travis Tomasie, Tim Herron, Karl Rhen, Kita Busse, Scott Jedlinski, Jacob Bynum, John Daub, TJ Pilling, and more. Secondary only to his faith and wife, becoming a better shooter is Brian’s primary focus. Brian has had several podium finishes at Run and Gun 2 Gun matches throughout Texas and has passed the Texas LTC Shooting Class with his eyes closed.

You can’t buy shooting skill, but what you can do is take Brian’s class. By taking Brian’s class you can save yourself from heartache and frustration while putting you on the right path. I scoffed the idea of taking a shooting class before I took Brian’s class. But now I would highly recommend taking a class with Brian.

Andrew, a Private Lesson Student

“[Brian is] obviously an accomplished shooter and can articulate many things well with respect to run and gun, practical pistol, and self defense.

Run & Gun Workshop Student

Brian teaches classes all across Central Texas, including Austin, Texas and Houston, Texas.