Failure is not a big deal

Failures are not a problem – repeated failures are the problem.

We are all mere mortals. We are humans. We are not perfect. All humans make mistakes. All humans will accomplish a task in a less than ideal ways.

Freaking out about a first time error is a bigger mistake than the original error. People will always make mistakes and problems will always arise. Harsh reactions to mistakes encourages people to hide mistakes – which makes mistakes even more of a problem.

Human error is an opportunity for everyone to improve. Weaknesses are opportunities to grow to strength. Every time we improve, we create compound interest in the quality of the “self.”

Seeking out opportunities to learn and improve and grow is the critical step in any mistake. Make things better on the other side of the mistake and everyone wins.

Leaders, don’t make a big deal about first time mistakes. Focus obsessively on the solutions and opportunities for improvement – that’s how problems turn into successes.

Everyone – a first time mistake isn’t the end of the world. The only problem from a mistake is failing to learn and improve.