Amy Myers, MD

Amy Myers, MD (AMMD) is an Inc 5000 DTC (direct to consumer) eCommerce site with heavy content marketing. As the eCommerce Manager, it was my job to oversee the website’s growth, optimization, UI/UX, and CRO (conversion rate optimization), while also leading, growing, and mentoring a multi-disciplinary team.

During my time at AMMD, we grew the website to the top 1% for conversion rate according to Shopify metrics for our vertical. I also managed to maintain 100% retention of my team throughout COVID and The Great Resignation, while also growing it into a multi-disciplinary team.

Our optimization efforts relied on constant iteration, A/B testing, and data analysis.

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I developed a custom WordPress and Shopify site from the ground up as the primary developer, creating a unified codebase and design style to blur the lines between the blog and the store as much as possible.

After the rebuild, the team and I continued to grow, optimize, and A/B test as we worked towards that top 1% achievement. Or efforts focused on optimizing the customer funnel, speeding up the site, improving up-sells and cross-sells, personalization, catalog optimization, building sales pages, creating content marketing tools, subscribe and save program optimization, and more.

The website was rebuilt mobile first to accommodate the ever growing mobile online shopping customer base, but the desktop site still received plenty of optimization since desktop still has greater conversion rates across the web.