The measure of success as a boss

Probably the #1 metric of success for a Boss is their employee retention rate.

If you’re fighting imposter syndrome as a leader – examine your employee retention rate. If your employees are sticking around, you’re doing something right. Communicate openly and honestly and ask them questions about why they’re staying and what do you do (and can you do) to make thier jobs easier.

A good leader’s primary goal should always be to bolster the effectiveness of their employees. Good leaders help others, teach others, share the load with others, and give credit and appreciation. Employees will stay at places with good leaders like that, even if the job is stressful and the pay is below average.

If a leader doesn’t make their employee’s jobs easier… if a leader doesn’t share knowledge… if a leader doesn’t give appreciation… they are drains on everyone around them. That drives people away in droves.

If you’re a leader and can’t retain employees, take a good hard look at yourself and figure out what you can do to make your employee’s lives easier, not harder. Sure, you may not be able to control a lot of factors, such as sallary, benefits, and the like. But you can do things to offset those issues and get employees to stick around.

If you’re aspiring to be a leader, look around and find leaders who have teams who are sticking around. Watch what they do and aspire to be like them. Maybe buy them lunch and ask them what they do.

If you have a leader who makes your job easy, make sure they know how much you appreciate them, help them out, share credit – do all of the things to them that you wish they would do for you. Things like that can go a long way to improve their lives just like they can make such a difference in your life.

If we all share the load, give appreciation, and give knowledge – the entire world can be made a bette place. If you don’t care about making the world a better place, then you should at least know that all of these things will make companies more profitable as well.