“Happy to help” should be a frequent phrase of any leader

It’s the job of a leader to facilitate a multiplicative output from a team.

Multiplicative output isn’t done by sitting back and dictating orders. An effective team helps each other out, communicates and collaborates towards a common goal.

This is where servant leadership comes in. Servant leadership doesn’t mean doing someone’s job for them, it means helping out and enabling others so they can do their job easier, faster, and more effectively.

Hence the phrase, “happy to help.”

Not only should servant leaders help out, they must do so joyfully and without grumbling. Easier said than done. But the more you embrace a positive outlook when helping out, the more you’ll internalize the positive and helpful attitude.

On top of all that, anyone can be a “leader” in any position, even if “leader” isn’t reflected in a job title.