My name is Brian Purkiss.

I build websites and teach people how to shoot guns.

About Me

Professionally I...

am the lead developer for Amy Myers MD. I work with HTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP, Javascript, A/B tests, and more. Back in the day, I built the Wordpress Framework, Whiteboard. I have worked on small single page landing sites all the way up to large six figure eCommerce websites, from small ma and pa shops all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. I can take a web project from the initial sales pitch all the way to launch and even mange the project all the way through, balancing the needs and goals of everyone involved. I have designed, developed, tested, created content for, and marketed my own personal websites that have reached millions of people.

I am the owner, operator, and firearms instructor for Locked Back, a website dedicated to the 2nd Amendment and equipping people with the skills needed to defend themselves. I am a founding member of Texas Run and Gun and the US Run and Gun Association to help grow and spread the Run and Gun competition format.

Personally I...

am an ENTJ - I speak my mind, know what I believe, focus intently on my current task, and always strive for the next level. I enjoy adrenaline rushes, debates, and shooting competitively. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, addicted to learning, stand by my second amendment rights, am a firm believer in individual freedoms, and strive to push the limits in all I do, both physically and mentally.

Brian Purkiss

I build websites.

I have designed, developed, marketed, written the content, and done everything for multiple personal websites that have received over 3,000,000 cumulative unique visitors and 8,875,000 cumulative pageviews.

See what I can do.

"You are the best with HTML/CSS here, possibly better than anyone else ever at this company. I've never once had difficulty reading your code."

-Chris Reddick, Owner of Clarity Ventures

"This is one of the smoothest running WordPress websites I've ever seen."

-WP Engine Support Tech