My name is Brian Purkiss

I built a website in the top 1% for conversion rate and maintained 100% team retention throughout COVID and The Great Resignation

eCommerce Expert | Conversion Rate Optimization | Web Developer | Servant Leader

About Me

Professionally I...

am the eCommerce Manager for Amy Myers MD. I am a positivity focused team leader who drives constant improvement on the web and in teams. I utilize a blend of technical knowledge and servant leadership to generate a multiplicative output from teams. Through these efforts we propelled the Amy Myers MD website to the top 1% for conversion rate in their vertical. With over 15 years of experience as a web professional, my professional core competencies include eCommerce, website optimization, A/B testing, data analysis, frontend web development, project management, and team management and growth. I can be the primary stakeholder of a website from scope, to build, and ongoing never ending growth.

Personally I...

am an ENTJ and have scored a 145 on an eIQ test (putting me in the top 1% for emotional intelligence) - if you care about personality tests. I am pursuing a path I call "obsessive positivity" as I believe it is the most effective path to being the best me, while also helping as many other people as I can. My relentless pursuit of excellence means I don't settle and I'm always improving. I have reached the classification of Carry Optics Grandmaster in USPSA (a practical pistol shooting sport), which is a classification only a few hundred people in the US have achieved. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, addicted to learning, stand by my second amendment rights, am a firm believer in individual freedoms, and strive to push the limits in all I do, both physically and mentally.

Brian Purkiss

I grow top performing websites and teams.

I built a top 1% for conversion rate eCommerce site in two years. Rebuilt the AMMD website from the ground up, achieving top tier performance through constant analysis, iteration, team collaboration, optimization, and A/B tests.

I maintained 100% team retention through COVID and The Great Resignation while growing from the smallest team in marketing/ops to the largest.

I designed, developed, and wrote all of the copy and marketing material for a personal project. Received one million pageviews within the first year and the second million pageviews within two months after that. Achieved an average of 8-10 pageviews per visit and a bounce rate of less than 10%.

See what I can do

"Brian is a fantastic technologist, always keeping up with the latest industry standards and best practices. He has shown an unparalleled knack for crafting data-driven solutions to maximize ROI. When it comes to team leadership, he has a flair for motivation and encouragement, and he is arguably the best at delivering both constructive criticism and acknowledgment of work well done. I feel very fortunate to have served on a development team under his management."

-Liz Nix, Senior Web Developer (direct report of mine)

"Brian, or 'Purk' as we called him around the office, is a highly skilled web developer with a passion for all things e-commerce. Brian’s staunch devotion to clean code, site load speed, user experience & conversion rate were a huge boon to the team I managed, as well as the customers we served together over several successful years."

-James Garland, Director of Marketing (I reported to him)

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