Testimonials from coworkers

Brian is a fantastic technologist, always keeping up with the latest industry standards and best practices. He has shown an unparalleled knack for crafting data-driven solutions to maximize ROI. When it comes to team leadership, he has a flair for motivation and encouragement, and he is arguably the best at delivering both constructive criticism and acknowledgment of work well done. I feel very fortunate to have served on a development team under his management.

-Liz Nix, Senior Web Developer (direct report of mine)

Brian, or ‘Purk’ as we called him around the office, is a highly skilled web developer with a passion for all things e-commerce. Brian’s staunch devotion to clean code, site load speed, user experience & conversion rate were a huge boon to the team I managed, as well as the customers we served together over several successful years.

-James Garland, Director of Marketing (I reported to him)

I was a direct report to Brian for 14 months. He was hands down the best manager I’ve had since I joined the workforce 24 years ago. Reasons why he was amazing:

Data based decision making led to millions of dollars in revenue. In my opinion this type of decision making is key in the high stakes e-commerce world.

Positive in the face of great adversity so that the team he led stayed productive. Like it or not things happen in the code world. You get thrown curveballs, employees call in sick for COVID and miss two weeks, etc. Brian carried all the weight and then some.

Knows his job and everyone else’s so he was able to wear many hats if needed and repair anything. He was doing the job of so many people if I were to audit what his value was I’d easily say he did the job of at least 5 high end positions: DevOps, Sales Analyst, Fullstack Developer, Marketing Strategist, Team Leader.

Outside of work he was a positive role model and respectful person.

Hire Brian so your company will win. Contact anytime as a reference.

-Spencer Shattuck, Web Developer (direct report of mine)

Brian is an incredible person to work with. On our monthly update calls when I was his Shopify account manager, he always (and I mean that literally!) had a long list of projects that he was working on, and the next month, he always had updates on what he had accomplished from last month. His team accomplished more than many of my other merchants combined over the course of a year. He is always at the forefront of what’s upcoming in eCommerce and implementing new ideas as efficiently as possible. I often used his team’s work as an example of a Shopify Plus merchant maximizing their use of the platform and seeing results from that work.

-Jennifer Chase, Shopify Merchant Success Manager

Brian is extremely well skilled in all the areas of web development for e-commerce. He has expert knowledge in the area of data-driven site optimizations and our website has always well out-performed industry standards for conversions, retention, and revenue performance metrics under his steady hand. He’s knowledgeable with SEO, and many other Digital Marketing disciplines. His most valuable skills are in his leadership abilities. Good leaders are force multipliers, and Brian embodies this in spades. He’s bar-none the best leader I have worked for. He supports his team members, empowers them and gets out of their way, and lets them perform. He also is the first to praise wins and provides coaching and support when the wins are sparse and difficult to get. If Brian walks into your business as a candidate for a Senior Web-Dev or Web Team Leader/Manager, scoop him up now. If you can’t tell, I can’t give a higher recommendation. Thank me later.

-Boyd Lake, SEO Manager (direct report of mine)

Rarely do you get the chance to work with people who value methodical leadership as much as Brian Purkiss. Working with him as a sub-contractor for various AMMD engagements I got to experience (and mutually benefit) his clear communication and contributions to the projects and team efforts.

-Kristopher Ray Bolleter, Contractor

Brian was an incredible website lead and senior web developer in our 2 years together at Amy Myers MD. He implemented brand new and innovative data-driven solves that made an immediate impact on the company’s bottom line.

In short order, Brian built out a talented web team that oversaw a code base rebuild, improved customization on the e-commerce storefront, and countless other improvements that improved the customer experience, and increased revenue. He worked effectively and cross functionally with creative, operations, and executive level management.

I highly recommend Brian, he is incredibly bright, professional, talented and hard working — would be happy to work with him again.

-Greg Armistead, Lead Copywriter (coworker of mine)

Brian (Purk) is a powerful addition to any organization looking to optimize their web presence with real solutions. He’s a quick thinker and motivates his team to hone their web development skills, working across a variety of existing platforms like Shopify and WordPress.

-Brian Page, Creative Manager (coworker)

You are the best with HTML/CSS here, possibly better than anyone else ever at this company. I’ve never once had difficulty reading your code.

-Chris Reddick, Owner of Clarity Ventures