I have worked on hundreds of client websites, from small ma and pa shops up to eight figure top 1% performing eCommerce websites. I generate a multiplicative output from teams to create top performing websites. I have designed, developed, marketed, written the content, and done everything for multiple personal websites that have received over 3,000,000 cumulative unique visitors and 9,000,000 cumulative pageviews.

"I was a direct report to Brian for 14 months. He was hands down the best manager I’ve had since I joined the workforce 24 years ago. Reasons why he was amazing:

Data based decision making led to millions of dollars in revenue. In my opinion this type of decision making is key in the high stakes e-commerce world.

Positive in the face of great adversity so that the team he led stayed productive. Like it or not things happen in the code world. You get thrown curveballs, employees call in sick for COVID and miss two weeks, etc. Brian carried all the weight and then some.

Knows his job and everyone else’s so he was able to wear many hats if needed and repair anything. He was doing the job of so many people if I were to audit what his value was I’d easily say he did the job of at least 5 high end positions: DevOps, Sales Analyst, Fullstack Developer, Marketing Strategist, Team Leader.

Outside of work he was a positive role model and respectful person.

Hire Brian so your company will win. Contact anytime as a reference."

-Spencer Shattuck, Web Developer (direct report of mine)

"Brian has consistently shown great leadership, both as a professional mentor and friend.

His ingenuity and ability to make data-driven decisions speak for themselves, yet his tenacity as a team leader to deliver back-to-back wins across multiple disciplines is best told by his peers. Perhaps his greatest contribution was cultivating our specific skillsets and paving avenues for us to pursue our strengths.

Brian taught me how to hone in on my natural ability as a developer; taking raw skill and turning into value for a company. Simply, he gave me the proper tools I needed and said “GO”.

He would a true asset for any company and I highly recommend him without hesitation."

-Jeffrey Diaz, Backend Developer (direct report of mine)

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