“Oh it’s just another script”

Don’t kill your website with “features” – those features cost load time, load time costs revenue.

These days, so many SaaS offerings say things like, “just add a script to your website – no developer needed!” It drives me bonkers. Those extra bits of javascript WILL drown your website with horrible load times.

Each second of load time hurts your conversion rate anywhere from 2% to 11% depending on your industry and customer loyalty. The studies I’ve seen seem to average at around 6%.

Can you afford a 6% hit to your conversion rate?

For a seven figure business, just a few tenths of a second slower website could cost you $1,300,000 per year in revenue!

Each tenth of a second load time is CRITICAL for the success of a website, even with today’s fast connection speeds.

Think long and hard before adding more and more to your website and instead spend time more thinking about what you can take away. Those minute website optimizations can very quickly add up to millions of dollars of new revenue per year – or millions of dollars of lost revenue per year.